Spring of 2021 is upon us and so is the renewal of the hospitality industry! We are seeing demand growing in all markets. While business and government travel demand will continue to lag well into 2021, leisure demand for small groups, romantic getaways and even events is picking up quickly. Our historic properties are particularly well positioned as guests are looking to treat themselves to luxury experiences after a year of hibernation.

As you might be aware, the Archer House Inn + Bar was destroyed by a fire that began in a tenant’s kitchen on the afternoon of 11/12/20. We are grateful that there were no serious injuries. Despite the efforts of the Northfield fire department, the building burned for nearly 24 hours and sustained substantial damage. Rebound Hospitality and the Archer House Inn owners are still waiting on insurance settlements and structural reviews of the Archer House. As we move into the spring and summer, we will be able to determine the options for the building and the site. After making significant updates to guest rooms, public spaces and a complete refurbishment of the bar during the pandemic forced closure, it was a particularly heartbreaking loss. Of course, the greatest loss was borne by the hotel, restaurant and retail business staff who lost jobs just as businesses were re-opening.

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