FINANCIAL - Whether your organization needs an audit, suggestions for an alternate business plan, accounting services or even space utilization plans to maximize your revenue, Rebound Hospitality can help.


It pays to get off to the right start on any project which requires paying the right price and acquiring the best financing. Rebound Hospitality is experienced in the art of negotiation, has strong relationships with lending institutions and with capital raising plans. Due diligence is a key component to the start-up process and our team has a robust and through system to evaluate every project.


Rebound Hospitality excels at creating business plans that work. We have created value within our own properties and have the experience and expertise to help with yours. Business models, financial systems, audits, bookkeeping, cost savings plans and a whole suite of other services that can be found in the ‘Operations’ tab are available to our clients.


Every good overall strategy begins with the end in mind. We will consider all the factors that play into holding a property and when to sell. Much of what goes into determining this very important decision has to do with the financial health of the business in conjunction with that of current and likely future economic conditions. Our analysis will determine the best exit strategy.