FOOD AND BEVERAGE - Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shop, Event Centers and Catering... Food & Beverage is an integral part of Rebound Hospitalities operations.


We start with creating the right concept for the property and the community. Beyond the aesthetics of the restaurant, bar or event space, we develop menus that are engineered for the proper production, delivery and style to fit the brand. We develop a space and operational plan for both front and back of the house that allows us to deliver on our promise to our guests. We are always mindful of the energy that Food and Beverage operations bring to our guests and hotel as a whole.

• Menu and logo design
• Website and Social Media
• Marketing and Loyalty Plans
• Space and Design Plans


Far too often financial literacy and understanding of the business model is not carried through to operations in restaurants, bars and event centers. At Rebound we believe in developing financial literacy and sharing results at all levels of our organizations. We take the time to train and meet regularly on our financial health and trends so that our leaders and staff can make the best possible decisions to ensure we deliver an exceptional guest experience within a sustainable model.

• Daily Scorecard / Monthly Budget Review
• Annual Budget and Capital Planning
• Financial Literacy Training
• Inventory and Portion Control


We take safety seriously ensuring proper sanitation training and ensure we are serving alcohol to our guests responsibly. Guest service begins with a warm greeting and carries through to the service sequence, the delivery of a meal that is pleasing and consistent and finishes with a genuine desire for the guest to return. We believe in strong training programs that enable our staff to shine and feel confident. Through training, we develop and retain exceptional staff.

• Recruiting and Retention Plan
• Serve Safe and TIPS Training
• Guest Service and Technical Training
• Food and Beverage Education


Banquets and events play an important role in the financial health of our properties. They enhance our marketing plan through connection to our communities. Conferences allow us to connect with local and regional businesses and associations. Hosting seasonal parties, special events and weddings creates higher occupancy and helps our properties maintain an even financial footing. The creation of a robust catering and event menus and sales plan is essential to small properties.

• Banquet, Conference and Catering Menus
• Conference and Event Sales and Marketing Plan
• Service, Setup and Delivery Training
• Conference and Event Software