LEADERSHIP - Strong Leaders, Strong Companies, Strong Communities.


Everything we do starts with a clear and inspirational vision. Our vision is achieved by creating and monitoring a strategic plan which becomes our daily roadmap. “If you don’t have a destination, any path will take you there.” Rebound Hospitality invests significant resources to short and long term planning. Studies show that 90% of businesses do not have a strategic plan. Of those that do, only 10% implement and monitor their plan.

Mission, Vision, Value: These are the foundational pillars of our company. Knowing why we exist, having an aligned view of the future, and operating on a set of shared guiding principles is key to our culture.

Strategic Planning: “Success is when Planning meets Opportunity” - Rebound Hospitality incorporates the Traction EOS strategic planning model. Our comprehensive planning ensures we capitalize on opportunities, identifies issues, opportunities and risk.

Execution & Monitoring: Our plans do not sit on a shelf and collect dust. They are integrated into the fabric of daily business and are living, breathing documents. Through the EOS process, we have a weekly, quarterly and annual pulse on our service company and each of our properties.


Our greatest assets are our people. We strive to build strong leaders, strong companies, and strong communities. We have developed a Rebound Hospitality University in order to give our top leaders the tools, resources and programs they need.

Training and Development: We value life-long learning from basic hospitality skills to financial literacy to personal development. Our leadership program draws from wide variety of entrepreneurial programs including EMyth, Good to Great and experts such as Jim Collins, and Pat Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. We begin with a robust orientation program for new properties and new leaders and we follow that up with ongoing training through our Rebound U process.

Leadership from the Heart: Energy is Everything! And we believe that Energy x Execution = Results. Brandon Johnson, a member of our board, developed and leads life-changing retreats and offers ongoing coaching to our leaders. Heart Leadership is a foundation of our leadership development program. Heart of a Leader

Performance Management: A Performance Management program not only helps our business, it drives our business. Performance plans are developed for all leaders, setting and aligning expectations that allow for quarterly monitoring.


We believe that through strong governance, Rebound Hospitality offers a competitive advantage that will increase shareholder value. Our high energy Board of Directors challenges us and holds us accountable. Our Board helps set Rebound Hospitality’s vision, evaluates leadership, monitors our strategic plan and helps identify risk.

Hire the Right Leadership:
Ensuring the right leadership is the most important task of our board. Our board helps identify, develop and retain strong leaders at both the service management firm and at each of our properties.

Sets Vision and Monitor Plans:
Our governing board plays an integral role in setting Rebound Hospitality’s vision and closely monitoring each business’s strategic plan. The board’s financial oversight is a key component of meeting and exceeding budgets.

Identify Risk:
Rebound Hospitality’s Board of Directors is continuously identifying internal and external threats, weaknesses and opportunities helping to mitigate risk. Through the identification of opportunity and risk we are better able make proactive changes to improve existing operations and grow.