OPERATIONS - Focused on delivering exceptional guest service, developing our leaders and teams, ensuring the safety and security of our guests and preserving and enhancing our properties.


At Rebound Hospitality we are committed to training and support as well as empowerment of our General Managers and their Leadership Teams. While we bring industry best practices, policies, procedures and training to each property, we also recognize that each of our properties must take ownership of our joint Mission, Vision and Values in order to deliver on the promise to our guests, communities, shareholders and team members. We believe that through training, development and Brandon Johnson’s Heart principles along with the Entrepreneurial Operating System our properties will achieve their full potential.

• Guest Service Systems and Training
• Housekeeping and Maintenance Programs
• IT and PMS Support
• Monitor Operational and Payroll Costs
• Property Inspections


Long term planning is essential to ensure our properties deliver on our promise to our guest today as well as for many years in the future. At Rebound Hospitality we take a long view as we plan for and make capital improvements, in our design decisions and space planning. Our properties have a significant position and stature in their communities and it is important that we honor the past while meeting the needs of consumers today and tomorrow. Through long term planning and our experience in procurement, design and renovation we are able to provide exceptional value to the property owners and deliver an experience that exceeds guest expectation.

• Short and long term Capital Budgets
• Space Utilization & Design Support
• FF&E Purchasing
• Tenant Relations and Leasing Support
• Construction and Renovation Management
• Utilize Vendor List and Relationships


Working through the EOS process, we offer our property leaders and their staff the opportunity to drive the success of the operation through property, departmental and individual Rocks. Beginning with an annual planning day and reinforced by full day quarterly strategy sessions and weekly Level 10 leadership meetings, our entire organization from Rebound and property leaders down to the individual staff members are focused on gaining traction to exceed our mission to preserve unique properties that serve and connect communities.

• Annual Strategy Session at each property
• Use of a Vision Traction Organizer
• Quarterly Sessions to identify opportunities and set Rocks
• Weekly 90 Minute Level 10 Meetings to IDS Issues
• Weekly Scorecards to monitor progress
• Focus on Team Health and Get It, Want It and Capacity


A disciplined approach predicting, monitoring and reviewing department and property metrics and results is integral to our daily, monthly and annual approach at Rebound Hospitality. The foundation is set through a budget development process with our property leaders every fall and is carried through the year with weekly scorecards, monthly financial meetings, system development and support to maximize income and ensure proper cash flow for operational and capital needs.

• Annual Budget and Capital Plans
• Weekly Scorecards by Department
• Financial Literacy Development
• Payroll Service and Support
• Audit and Cash Control
• Accounting Software, AR & AP Support
• Tax and Regulatory Compliance Support
• Monthly P&L and Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Analysis


There is nothing more important than the safety of our guests and our associates. Rebound Hospitality follows industry best practices to ensure we are compliant with federal and state regulations at all of our properties. Through training of our staff, utilizing the proper technology and partnering with third party experts and inspectors, we ensure our properties meet industry standards for safety. Through training and the proper process and procedures, our staff has the tools and experience necessary to operate our hotels, restaurants, bars and conference centers properly.

• Guest and Associate Safety Programs
• Insurance Administration
• Fire Protection System Compliance
• Emergency Response Plans
• Key and Guest Information Controls
• Alcohol Service Training


At Rebound Hospitality we lead with our Values. Ensuring that our leaders and staff share our values and that they are not only the right people but that they are in the right seats for growth and success. We believe that through the proper on boarding, training and by providing clear expectation we will hire and retain the best possible staff and quickly move along those that do not align with our Mission, Vision and Value.

• Development of Accountability Chart
• EOS Quarterly Performance Plans
• CHA & CFBE Certification
• Guidebook Development
• Hiring Support, Training and Retention
• Benefit Management