SALES, MARKETING & BRANDING - While Rebound’s team has years of experience in hospitality sales, marketing and revenue management, we are also smart enough to use strategic partners to create the very best design, integration and stay at the forefront of today’s technology advancements and industry best practices.


While we work with our General Managers, Sales Managers and property leadership to develop our sales, marketing and public relations plans, we believe the core of our success is grounded in our sales culture. From our guest service staff and housekeepers at the hotel to servers and bartenders in our restaurants and bars, our teams are focused to be at the service of our guests and seeking out the sale of the next meal, event, drink and stay.

This is achieved through training on process, product and the benefit to our guests and our associates. We use social media, local and regional travel sites and other online tools connect our teams with old and new customers in order to build relationships and reinforce our brand and standing within the community.

• Development of Sales & Marketing Plan

• Sales & Marketing Scorecard

• Sales & Guest Service Training

• Social Media Tools and Training

• Group & Event Sales Training


At Rebound we believe positioning our properties correctly is the foundation to developing a sound sales and marketing plan. We give a great deal of energy to design, space planning and determining how our outlets connect with our guests in order to maximize pricing. We work hard understand our markets, product and competitors. Through diligent tracking and examination, use of tools such as the STAR report and a bit of experimentation, we are able to set pricing and policies that allow us to lead our markets.

With extensive training of our Guest Service Representatives on the sales process and more importantly on the “why” behind our positioning, pricing and policies, we are able to drive increase revenues, maximize our income for shareholders and employees and preserve, maintain and enhance for future generations.

• Property Management Implementation & Training

• Rate & Revenue Policies, Procedures & Training

• 3rd Party Site Selection & Training

• Scorecard Development & Analysis


At Rebound we use a variety of traditional advertising vehicles at our properties to reinforce our message and attract customers but they are secondary to developing our brand and community presence. We develop effective websites that drive traffic to our venues with effective low cost tools for online reservations and inquiries.

Rebound and our properties sponsor’s events in support of community and charitable institutions, host annual open houses. Our property leadership take on significant roles in business and hospitality organizations within our communities. We also know when not to go it alone by partnering with companies such as Intercom out of Minneapolis for deep dives when repositioning properties or when reviving or creating a new brand.

• Brand Development & Monitoring

• Website Development and Guidance

• Strategic Partnerships

• Community Involvement & Leadership

• Charitable Sponsorship & Giving